August’s new smart doorbell is cellular and also appears to be a doorbell

August presents a new chip today, unlike the first two months of August. had been real problem. In renovation, just add that in August, the life of your cell phone has some disadvantages, estimated at about 5 months of money, and you can only get silver motives. new 1 dark, include brown, impeccable, such as red white.

If someone is looking to turn their home into an elegant property, one of the many popular choices is home security. the causes are clear: most of us have seen video clips containing compromised packages tested, thumbs taken, and so much more. Knowing that you can always connect to the top of your home gives you a world of peace of mind. Type smart bells. They look like a security camera for the August’s new smart smart home, but they offer a combination. Obviously, they are employed in a traditional print to let you know if someone else is at your home. But a brilliant doorbell should go far beyond to show you an active glance taking a look at your door for total peace of mind. This sophisticated system treats video in an obvious and realistic way from the position of a smartphone. With an ultra-modern graphic detection unit and two-way music, View facilitates the engagement of site visitors. In addition, the detection unit provides a resolution of 1440p, which is significantly higher than the total 1080p high definition. This cellular system is detailed with a brilliant camera to offer full use of your door everywhere. Designed for the Apple Homekit, the camera records at 160 ° in 1080p. In addition, the wide-angle camera also offers HDR performance for sports activities. This implies that it could respond wisely to the settings of the light instantly. This intelligent system allows you to have a complete overview of what is happening in front of your home above the Apple Home app to see exactly what the wonder boy ProLine Door bell is considering. By recording in high definition, the doorbell gives a vast industry of the watch at 130 ° getting the whole picture.

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